The Hedonic Treadmill

by Ursa Indigo

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released December 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Ursa Indigo Asbury Park, New Jersey

This is the official page for Ursa Indigo: a tri-album release project.

The original songwriting/lyrics/compositions are by Chloe Sayre Demos, but the actual songs are a collaborative, beautiful brainchild of her super-talented friends and family. ... more

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Track Name: Puddles and Whizz-bangs
If you're the mountain, and I'm the sea then
We'll never meet Without the sandy beach
In between you'll make a promise
I'll be bound to break
"Cause if you let me test the water
I'm gonna drown in the lake

If you're a puddle
And I'm a whizz-bang
What a beautiful mess we're gonna make

Your heat's a bass drum, and I'm a violin
Will we ever play our tune without accompanying instruments
Your eyes are lightning, and my heart's afire
Are we feeling truth or just really pretty lies?

If you're a puddle
And I'm a whizz-bang
What a beautiful mess we could make
If ya let us, baby boy

But I heard you were a car crash
And if I'm afraid of heights, well
If I start to scream will you take me in your arms and tell me everything's all right?

'Cause if you're a puddle,
and I'm a whizz-bang
How could we ever think straight in this abstract state?
Track Name: Whiskey Swiggin'
Young, rebellious punks
Turn into good, old country boys
Train hoppin', shine drinkin', banjo strummin',
Making noise

Marrying the girls with all those tattoos on their faces
And letting go of the friends who are chasing the dragon's tail

Spring just came too late
I tried to imitate it for you with flowers in my hair
And songs that a bluejay might sing
But winter kills everything in hopes of something new
Sometimes we don't make it
We melt away with the snow

And that's why we'll be
Whiskey swiggin' in the middle of the street
Talking ourselves to sleep
And if that rain keeps a'falling
A'pitter-patter on your grave, I don't think I can make it through
Track Name: The Bridge
Whisper softly to a musician's ear
Whisper all of the things you always wanted to hear
Whisper proudly, and whisper clear
Watch all your worries as they swiftly disappear

Sing me a song of sorrow
Sing me a song of solitude
Sing it proud and watch your waves crash in to

I dreamed of solemn, sorry songs
I dreamed of fruitful sing-alongs
And these hearts are light but they're beating strong
And these notes will teach you right from wrong

Sing me a song of loved ones
And sing me a song of your peace
Sing it proud and watch your waves crash in to

Sing me a song of saviors
Sing me a song of redemption
Sing it proud and watch your waves crash in to
Into the ocean and into the sea
Into the ocean and into the sea
Track Name: Children
We are just children, though we don't treat ourselves so
We all feeling the same way though we don't let anybody know
And when I was a young girl I knew everything there is to know
When I was a young girl nothing could stand in my way

But as I grow older, that truth just fades away

The science of life is hard to realize when you're living in it
We will be just who we are
So when you're defining paths to lay out before me

Don't be surprised if I stray away

I stand in my doorway
Contemplating whether I, whether I should go inside
Back to the same life I've been living all this time
But only a strong heart can leave things behind
Only one who knows love can make their own time

I thought I knew love, but it wasn't mine